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Dear Students,

I recognize that this is a time of uncertainty for you, as it is for the entire nation and beyond. We are working diligently to get answers to your questions and address your concerns related to your life as a Gustie. I’m writing to all of you today in hopes that I can answer some of the questions that you have and to ask you to give us time to find answers to other questions that we are still figuring out. Here is what I know at this moment:

If you are currently residing on campus…

  • You should be making plans to depart as soon as possible. 

  • ANY student hoping to remain on campus after 5pm on Sunday, March 22nd MUST be approved. You must submit a petition to reside on campus by filling out the request form using the link in this paragraph. The deadline to request an exemption is Thursday, March 19th at noon. After you complete the Special Housing Request Form, a member of the Dean of Students Office will contact you to gather further details and explore options.

  • IF you have family members coming to campus to help you move out, please ask them to practice good social distancing while they are on campus. 

  • If you do not need family members to help you move out, understand that the College is NOT welcoming guests to campus at this time.  

For students who are not currently residing on campus…

  • You should NOT return to campus at this time to retrieve your belongings. If you are currently at home, your belongings can safely stay in your on-campus housing assignment. Additional information will be sent within a week regarding specific information about a plan for move-out.

  • You will not have access to your residence hall without prior permission from Residential Life. Please email with detailed information if you have a substantial reason to retrieve something prior to the announcement of a move out plan. 

  • Additional information will be forthcoming about timelines and arrangements for move-out from your residence hall room or apartment, including key return and Bedloft return. We will need to plan a coordinated move-out that is in keeping with guidance about social distancing and that plan will take us a little bit to organize.

HOUSING  / MEAL PLAN / STUDENT EMPLOYMENT ADJUSTMENTS:  The College is developing a formula for cost adjustments to students’ housing, meal plan and student employment aid. For students with federal student aid that may include navigating federal requirements. The College’s goal is to communicate more specific and individualized details next week.

STUDENT EMPLOYMENT:  Student employment that requires students to do work in person for spring semester has been halted. For now, even students who will be permitted to remain on campus are not able to work under student employment. It is our hope that final details related to student employment will be communicated next week. 

TEXT BOOKS:  At this time, The Book Mark is recommending students that have rental and purchased books to keep your textbooks for online learning. Updated communication will be coming on how books will be collected at the end of the semester

For students still needing textbooks for this term:

1.       Check for possible free ebooks:  (more titles being added daily)

·         Scroll down and click on “Access Free ebooks”  enter title or ISBN. 

·         If you already have a Red Shelf Account set up:

o   Search for the titles you need and they will open in your existing account.

2.        If there is not a free ebook option, or you would prefer print:

·         Click the link at the bottom of your class schedule in WebAdvisor



The Book Mark is offering free ground shipping to all 48 contiguous United States

MAIL / PACKAGES: The Gustavus Post Office will continue to pick up mail and receive packages from the local post office, UPS, FedEx, etc. The post office will be open from 10am-2pm every week day for pick up and deliveries. If you are off campus and expecting a first class letter or a package, please communicate with the post office at 507-933-7599 or email Karen Yess if you need it forwarded. If you would like all first class mail and packages forwarded, please email Karen with your preferred mailing address.

INTERNSHIPS: If you have questions regarding your internship please contact your faculty advisor or Julie Rudolf in the Center for Career Development at or 507-995-7094.

COUNSELING CENTER: The Counseling Center will be minimally staffed but has made plans to continue serving students during this time. 

  • The only in-person meetings with students will be for triage appointments. Triage appointments are for immediate threats to safety and/or stability.  

  • If you would like to have a non-triage phone consultation appointment, you can contact the Counseling Center by phone at (507) 933-7027 for assistance scheduling an appointment. Phone consultations are brief in nature, and offered for support as you navigate this time of transition. 

  • If you are a current client and wish to schedule a phone consultation, you can email your therapist (find all therapist emails on our webpage).  

  • Look for more information shortly about our transition to telecounseling appointments for the remainder of the semester and ideas for coping during this difficult time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of unprecedented change. I will be in touch with you on a regular basis to share all information.




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