Expectations Moving Forward | September 24, 2020President Bergman sent the email below to students on Thursday, September 24, and also sent versions to parents and employees.
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TO: Gustavus Students
FROM: President Bergman
SUBJECT: Expectations Moving Forward
DATE: September 24, 2020

Here we go! Move-in for returning students begins tomorrow, and there is a palpable sense of anticipation on campus. As we make our final preparations, I want to remind you to stay vigilant about following our COVID-19 safety measures and committing to the Gusties ROAR pledge.

We know that Gustavus students deeply value our on-campus living and learning experience. I have heard from many of you that your preference is to be here on the hill this fall. As the parent of two Gustie alumni, I understand the power of our residential community and how the network we build outside the classroom complements and enhances our learning environment. Knowing all of this, I am excited for our community to be together again.

This semester, I want you to spend time with friends, build community, and lean on one another for academic and social support. We can do all of these things, however, we must put safety first. I ask that you remain focused on protecting yourself, others, and especially the most vulnerable among us. We have worked hard over the summer to put you in a position to have a successful and fulfilling experience during this challenging time.

Starting tomorrow, plans become actions on a much larger scale. And each of us must act, every day, in the best interest of our friends and neighbors. We must follow mask guidelines, practice social distancing, limit close contacts, interact with one another outside as much as possible, and complete the daily COVID-19 self-screening. We must honestly report symptoms and contacts, commit to testing, and take quarantine requirements seriously. I appeal to your integrity as a member of this community to diligently practice all of these behaviors now and in the days ahead.

Let me be clear–we will follow through with consequences for on- and off-campus behaviors that put the safety of our community at risk or compromise the integrity of our learning experience. There is too much at stake, including the health and wellbeing of you, your friends, your professors, the staff who support you on campus, and members of our broader Saint Peter community.

For those of you who have chosen distance learning this semester, please know that our full slate of support services remains available to you and I will be in regular contact as we move forward. For those of you already on campus, please join me in welcoming back your fellow students. For those of you who are returning, thank you for your patience. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Gusties, let us be the best that we can be, every day, and let us help our friends and colleagues do the same. Now let’s mask up, have a safe weekend, and continue this journey together.

Yours in community,

President Bergman

Zoom Forum Recording
The Zoom Forum recording from Tuesday, September 22 is now available for viewing. President Bergman and other Gustavus leaders discussed and answered questions from students and families on the return to campus, COVID-19 policies, and quarantine/isolation practices.

Campus Quarantine Guidelines
Updated Minnesota Department of Health guidelines call for institutions of higher education to allow students to remain on campus in the event of a campus-wide quarantine. Should we reach the point where a residence hall or wider quarantine is necessary, students may choose to remain on campus or go home. Once this decision is made by each student, there will be no moving back and forth between living arrangements during the quarantine period.
Individual Testing and QuarantineMembers of the Gustavus community who are symptomatic or have been contact traced will be assigned a case manager to work with them throughout the quarantine/isolation, testing, and clearance process. More information about the process and steps for case management is available online.

Community Conduct/Reporting Process
Because the failure to uphold COVID behavioral expectations could put our community at risk, any student or employee who chooses to not abide by the COVID-19 safety expectations will be in violation of College policy. Sanctions may be up to and including suspension or expulsion (students) or termination of employment (employees) for repeated or egregious violations. Alleged violations should be reported to the Dean of Students Office (students), Human Resources (staff), or the Provost Office (faculty).

Remember that off-campus conduct by students can and will be adjudicated through the Gustavus conduct system. House parties or other activities that violate our community COVID-19 expectations can be reported and may result in disciplinary action ranging from admonition to suspension/expulsion depending on the severity of the incident.

Conduct Process
By accepting admission to Gustavus Adolphus College, each student agrees to live by the standards of this community, found in the College Catalog and the Gustie Guide. An outline of the Gustavus conduct process is available online. Please note that “in cases of emergency, where the wellbeing of Students or the Institution may be endangered, or in cases where the Respondent demonstrates a pattern of disruptive behavior, the Dean of Students may take appropriate interim measures including but not limited to alteration of privileges, temporary removal of the Respondent from College housing, and/or temporary suspension of the Respondent pending campus conduct proceedings. Such a temporary suspension shall become effective immediately without prior notice.”

Travel Policy
Because travel increases your chances of getting infected and spreading COVID-19, avoiding unnecessary travel is the best way to protect all individuals from getting sick. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to limit their personal travel as much as possible. The full travel policy is available online.


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