COVID-19 Weekly Update: January 5, 2021

The College sends COVID-19 dashboard updates and a tip to students, faculty, and staff every week.
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TO: The Gustavus Community

FROM: COVID-19 Response Leadership Team

SUBJECT: COVID-19 Weekly Update

DATE: January 5, 2021
Please see below for the COVID-19 weekly tip and on-campus case update.

#1: For the first week of January Term, all courses except those with special approval are being delivered in a virtual format to allow returning students to lay low now that they are back on campus. Throughout this week, on-campus students are asked to be especially careful to limit their contact with others. Students, faculty, and staff should continue to wear masks, maintain social distance, and practice good hand hygiene. Reminder: students who are not taking a January Term course or approved to be on campus for another reason should not be on campus over January Term. This includes visiting on weekends. Please do your part to continue to keep COVID-19 from spreading in our communities.

#2: Members of the Gustavus community are encouraged to download COVIDaware MN, an app that uses mobile phone technology to help notify you if you have been in contact with someone who reports a positive test result. Created by Apple and Google with data privacy and public health as driving concerns, the app does not track your location or share information with Google, Apple, or the State of Minnesota. More information is available via MPR News.

As of January 4, 2021
Total Positive Cases (since August 15): 196

Current Positive Student Cases: 1
Current Positive Employee Cases: 0
Total Students in Isolation/Quarantine: 1
Students in Isolation/Quarantine On Campus: 1
Employees in Isolation/Quarantine: 0
This data set is meant to encompass the on-campus impact of COVID-19 by counting cases where a person may have been on campus while infectious. For example, students who are living at home or employees who are working remotely and not visiting campus will not be counted in these on-campus numbers. This information is also available for viewing on the College’s COVID-19 Dashboard.
As always, if you have any questions, please consult the College’s COVID-19 website and email

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