COVID-19 Weekly Update: March 23, 2021

The College sends COVID-19 dashboard updates and a tip to students, faculty, and staff every week.
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TO: The Gustavus Community

FROM: COVID-19 Response Leadership Team

SUBJECT: COVID-19 Weekly Update

DATE: March 23, 2021
As COVID-19 vaccine production continues to ramp up and vaccines become accessible to more people, the Gustavus Health Service has launched a new Vaccine Resources webpage. The page offers several ways for people to sign up for notifications or search for vaccines based on Minnesota Department of Health eligibility criteria. If you meet the eligibility criteria, please sign up! Please be mindful of the state’s continuing rollout plan and do not sign up for a vaccine until you are eligible. Based on our conversations with the Minnesota Department of Health, the state expects that vaccines will be available to all people over the age of 16 by early May.
Health Service has been approved to be a vaccine provider for the Gustavus community once doses are more readily available. The College continues to make plans for the possibility of an on-campus mass vaccination event, but at this time there is no information about if or when this might occur. For now, eligible people should seek vaccine options outlined on the Vaccine Resources webpage.
Don’t forget: once you get vaccinated, please keep your vaccine record in a safe place. You may eventually need it for travel, events, etc.
As of March 22, 2021

Total Positive Cases (since August 15): 270

Current Positive Student Cases: 6
Current Positive Employee Cases: 0
Total Students in Isolation/Quarantine: 13
Students in Isolation/Quarantine On Campus: 9
Employees in Isolation/Quarantine: 0
This data set is meant to encompass the on-campus impact of COVID-19 by counting cases where a person may have been on campus while infectious. For example, students who are living at home or employees who are working remotely and not visiting campus will not be counted in these on-campus numbers. This information is also available for viewing on the College’s COVID-19 Dashboard.
As always, if you have any questions, please consult the College’s COVID-19 website and email

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