September 24, 2022 Update: Campus moving to COVID Level 0 Posted on September 23rd, 2022 by

TO: The Gustavus Community
FROM: COVID-19 Leadership Team
SUBJECT: Campus moving to COVID Level 0
DATE: September 23, 2022

Given the low COVID levels for the previous two weeks, the campus will move to COVID Level 0 starting on Monday, September 26. 

The COVID-19 Leadership Team continues to monitor three criteria to determine the COVID level on campus. These criteria include the number of cases diagnosed in the Gustavus Health Service, and the number of cases and CDC community level in the three counties surrounding the College.

COVID Level 0 Changes
Masking: Faculty may require masks in a classroom setting if it was part of the syllabus language. Faculty will inform students of the mask requirements in their class.

Faculty, staff, and students who request others be required to wear a mask in their presence should follow the appropriate step below. Staff may request an accommodation through Human Resources and students can do the same through the Academic Support Center.

COVID Reminders
Even though COVID numbers are currently lower, there is still COVID circulating. Please remain diligent and take precaution as needed.

  • If you test positive for COVID follow the guidance on the COVID-19 website.

  • Face Masks – The Campus Center Information Desk offers free KN95 masks. Wear a mask if you have symptoms or a known exposure.

  • COVID-19 Testing – A rapid molecular NAAT test (similar accuracy to a PCR test with results in 20 minutes) is available in Gustavus Health Service.

  • Rapid antigen tests are for sale in The Book Mark.

  • New COVID-19 bivalent vaccine booster is available in the Gustavus Health Service. Call 933-7630 for an appointment.

  • The COVID-19 dashboard is reporting weekly positive cases diagnosed in the Gustavus Health Service.

More information about COVID-19 may be found at or by emailing


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