COVID-19 Weekly Update: October 20, 2020The College sends COVID-19 dashboard updates and a tip to students, faculty, and staff every week.
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TO: The Gustavus Community

FROM: COVID-19 Response Leadership Team

SUBJECT: COVID-19 Weekly Update

DATE: October 20, 2020
Please see below for the COVID-19 weekly tip and on-campus case update.
While our community has done a good job of keeping case counts down since returning to campus, Gustavus has experienced an uptick in COVID-19 cases in the last week.
While our numbers remain relatively low compared to many of our peer institutions, it’s natural to feel a sense of anxiety as numbers creep up. Please know that Gustavus continues to be in regular contact with the Minnesota Department of Health and is closely monitoring circumstances on campus. In addition, College officials are in communication with leaders at other Minnesota private colleges to share best practices and COVID-19 mitigation strategies. The COVID-19 Response Leadership Team remains confident in the College’s ability to test, quarantine/isolate, and provide case management services for members of our community.
As we round the midpoint of the semester, students, faculty, and staff are reminded to stay vigilant in practicing social distancing, wearing a mask, washing hands, and completing the daily self-screening. Following the College’s COVID-19 safety protocols is imperative for the safety of the community and our ability to live and learn together on campus. Each of us must do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19.
As of October 20, 2020
Total Positive Cases (since August 15): 35

Current Positive Student Cases: 10
Current Positive Employee Cases: 3
Total Students in Isolation/Quarantine: 43
Students in Isolation/Quarantine On Campus: 25
Employees in Isolation/Quarantine: 9
This data set is meant to encompass the on-campus impact of COVID-19 by counting cases where a person may have been on campus while infectious. For example, students who are living at home or employees who are working remotely and not visiting campus will not be counted in these on-campus numbers. This information is also available for viewing on the College’s COVID-19 Dashboard.
As always, if you have any questions, please consult the College’s COVID-19 website and email

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